The benefits of Fulvic acid.

Why we need to take Fulvic acid.

When food was grown naturally, it contained plenty of Fulvic acid from healthy organic soils. Today, with the addition of man-made chemicals and pesticides, the soil has been dramatically depleted and little Fulvic acid is left. This inhibits the plants ability to gather and store vital nutrients for our body to use. In addition, the overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products has further deprived our body of beneficial organisms that help regulate our immune system. With our digestive system weakened and immune system overworked, our cells simply can't keep up with the damage that is caused every day.

What makes True Fulvic so effective?

True Fulvic, our bottle of Golden Sunshine as we like to call it, is organic Fulvic Acid mixed with purified water. It is free of gluten, carbs, sugar, calories, additives, preservatives and heavy metals, and has gone through rigorous product testing and certification. True Fulvic is virtually tasteless and odorless, and comes in liquid form to allow for maximum absorption by the body. It is among the most concentrated organic material available, and has been extracted without the use of chemicals.

Taken daily, Fulvic acid may help you:

  • Improve energy levels and endurance
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Boost digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Protect cognitive health
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Help with hormone balance and mood
  • Improve the immune system and gut health
  • Protect and repair skin
  • Improve detoxification