Mother nature at her best.

Fulvic acid is the ultimate nutrient delivery system.

Fulvic acid has a very low molecule weight which maximizes bioavailability. It functions as a transport system to deliver critical nutrients from our food and supplements into our cells, which is essential for good health. At the same time, harmful toxins are removed from the body.

Electrolytes and Antioxidants.

The physical well-being of all living organisms require electrical balance. Fulvic acid, an organic electrolyte, is the most powerful natural electrolyte in existence. Free radicals are derived from normal metabolic processes in the body or from external sources. If not addressed they can overwhelm the entire system, potentially altering DNA and triggering many health problems and/or disease.

Ionic waste products, including age-causing free radicals, are discarded from the body because Fulvic acid is able to act as an ion transporter. It can give or take an electron as needed, limiting the damage that dangerous free radicals can cause. All free radicals need an electron in order to be neutralized. The molecule of Fulvic acid has trillions of electrons that are available for neutralizing them.

Fulvic acid is also a powerful natural antioxidant slowing down the damage caused by other substances and is thought to protect body cells from damaging effects of oxidation by neutralizing harmful radicals.