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[INFOGRAPHIC] The 2023 Guide to the Business of Mother’s Day Spending and Trends

Mother’s Day 2023 is right around the corner, creeping up on both consumers and brands alike. And even though the majority of presents are bought super last minute, spending on Mom increases A LOT year after year. For example, we’re up $4 billion over last year’s spending. That means it’s time to get those Mother’s Day marketing strategies up and running. But first, you’ll need the data to run effective campaigns. So, let’s talk about 2023 Mother’s Day spending and trends.

Your Guide to the Business of Mother’s Day

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Moms are getting more and more monetary love each year.

There are 2 billion-ish mothers around the world, and more than 80 million in the U.S. alone.

Mother’s Day makes its rounds in more than 50 countries around the world, and this year, 84 percent of Americans are planning to celebrate. Spending on Mom will reach $35.7 billion in the U.S. this year, making Mother’s Day the second most celebrated holiday after the winter holidays, and the fourth biggest spending holiday, after the Back-to-College, Back-to-School, and winter holiday shopping seasons. 

Shoppers are buying gifts for more than just their own moms.

If there’s such a thing as the Mother’s Day spirit, shoppers certainly have it because they don’t limit their gift-giving to their own moms. 57% of Mother’s Day shoppers will, in fact, be hunting down unique gifts for their mothers and stepmothers. But…

23% of celebrants are shopping for their wives

12% are shopping for daughters

8% shop for other relatives

9% will hit the stores searching for something for their sister

8% will get a gift for Grandma

8% will get something for a friend, and

2% will gift something to a godmother

We’re spending a liiiiiiittle less on dads though.

And you know how we said $35.7 billion would be spent on Mother’s Day this year? Well, that’s more than $245 per celebrant while Father’s Day spending will average about $70 to $80 less per person.

A few of the more interesting shopping trends…

Since last year, 35% of Mother’s Day shoppers were planning to gift their moms subscription boxes. This year, personal services are all the rage, with 34% planning to give Mom the gift of self-care. Another popular category right now is special outings, with 6 in 10 shoppers planning to take Mom out for the day.

Half of people are shopping in-store, too. Capitalize on the procrastinators!

In the last few days before Mother’s Day, in-store shoppers will be heading out to buy gifts. Don’t miss an opportunity to market to them. They may be buying gifts in stores, but they’re doing a bunch of research online, too. So don’t forget to target shoppers with paid ads, Reels, Pinterest, and other platforms where consumers love to find cool ideas for Mom.

Here’s how to grab the attention of those last-minute shoppers…

PPC Campaigns: Mother’s Day clicks don’t start rolling in until the last week, so reserve enough budget for that last big push. Include keywords to target stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, friends, and daughters. — Search Engine Journal

Ads: The highest conversions are in clothing and accessories. Ensure you’re reaching the right audience in your vertical by including Mother’s Day-specific CTA’s.

User-Generated Content: Feature UGC of influencers (or consumers) directly on your site and social media. UGC is highly effective in driving conversions and is a great way to showcase new styles and products.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the top-ranking social network for Mother’s Day searches. Out of 65% of the 275 keywords, Pinterest ranks in positions 1-5 on search engines. Enlist influential mommy bloggers to curate gift guides with their favorite gift items from your brand. — Your Digital Retail

Instagram Takeover: Run an Instagram takeover with an influential mommy blogger leading up to or during Mother’s Day. Allow her to curate her favorite mommy gift items from your brand and run a giveaway at the end to get engagement flowing on your account.

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